Frequently asked questions

Q: What is HiSpeed Golf?

HiSpeed Golf365 is a gaming entertainment platform that allows up to four players to play the same virtual golf course with real golf clubs whether that be in a driving range bay, or an indoor environment. As well as having challenge modes, a practice mode and 12 courses to choose from you can also select the tee position and change the weather conditions. This software is presented on Global Play Golf’s Light Speed technology hardware, providing unrivalled real club head and ball data.

Q: What are the prerequisite requirements?

Very simple all the system requires is a power point within 1-2metres of where you want to position the system, and an internet connection. This can be hard wired (preferable) or wireless and is for any support or updates.

Q: What size area do I need?

For an indoor installation we recommend an area be 3.1m high minimum x 4.3m wide x 6.0m deep. This is just a guide as we have fitted systems into many different size rooms (narrow or short).

The outdoor system has been designed to fit a standard driving range bay (minimum 2.5m wide).

Q: Can I purchase as system that offers all the features? (Club fitting, Coaching and Gaming)

Yes, GPG offer various software packages and bundles, please contact the sales team to request and appointment or for further information.

Q: Do you offer training on the system?

Each system gets installed within a few hours and an onsite training session is then offered for members of the team to enable them to get the best results possible. Training and installation is typically done in one day between the hours 0800-1700hrs.

Q: Is the system portable?

No the system is not portable, this for security reasons as well as accuracy. The systems are securely fastened to the floor this significantly reduces the risk of theft as well as the systems being calibrated with lasers to enable the level of accuracy GPG pride themselves on. Due to its affordability and range of uses some venues may choose to have one inside and one at another location allowing for twice the capacity and returns.

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