About us

Global Play Golf Ltd is a UK based company, with its research and development centre based in Birmingham. It is our aim to provide golfers and the golfing industry as a whole, with the most advanced, reliable and innovative impact analyser golf technology on the market.

The underlying data capture system in all GPG concepts is called Light Speed technology.

This is a breakthrough in golf technology. Rather than trying to adapt existing technologies, such as radar and camera systems, or to try and calculate impact data simply from interpolated ball data, GPG has developed the world’s first Golf Super Computer (Light Speed).

It captures club head and ball data at the point of impact and thereafter. Gaining over 5 million data samples a second, Light Speed technology is able to provide unparalleled information about the club head and ball before, during and after the impact, in any weather and light conditions and can be used to teach any level of golfer, including children and novices.

Global Play Golf are working with three of Europe's leading golf retailers to change the market place by creating in-store theatres, for club fitting, making the store a destination. The Light Speed concept provides a more fun, interactive and exciting experience for the golfer, as well as providing them with an easy visual comparison of various club results.

With their new Hi Speed Golf365 concept GPG provide golf clubs, golf centres, hoteliers, bars and golf ranges the ability to offer multiplayer golf entertainment, indoors or outside, on the World’s 1st Outdoor Simulator. With up to 12 courses, a group of four can compete on the Belfry, take on the island challenge or simply practice with real club head visual feedback.

For a concept that provides leading technology for all sectors of the golf industry, GPG have developed a coaching program that enables the coach to speed up results by strengthening the bond between learning and visual feedback. With targets at set intervals, coaches can set the pupil going for the target gaining scores for both where the ball lands and the final ball position. Previous shot trajectories are held on screen for comparison and consistency, scores can then be compared after coaching changes.

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