Club Fitting

Global Play Golf is working with some of Europe’s leading golf retailers changing the retail club fitting concept. Global Play Golf’s Light Speed club fitting concept is revolutionising club fitting by providing an impact analyser that measures the club head and ball through the point of impact. This provides the club fitter for the first time with highly accurate real club head and ball data, which is of upmost importance when fitting golf clubs.

Unlike launch monitor technology which captures zero club head data due to focusing solely on the ball flight, GPG’s Light Speed technology captures both club and ball data in real time before, during and after impact rather than having to rely on estimated data. This approach reveals essential information to professional club fitters such as club head speed at the actual point of impact as well as full club head rotation.

Requiring ZERO set up the Light Speed system was designed with the club fitter in mind, allowing for instant club comparison on one analysis screen. With easy to read exciting visuals the sales process is more enjoyable and less intimidating leading to extremely high closure rates.

Whether your environment is indoor or outdoor, GPG have a system to meet your requirements. The Light Speed technology captures over 5 million data samples a second during the point of impact. This primary club head information allows the club fitter to fit clubs in any light and weather conditions. The concepts uses the club head and ball information to give the shot results, this eliminates the effect wind, pressure and light can have on the validity of the results. The data that is captured for analysis is:

  • Swing path
  • Club head speed
  • Impact position
  • Face angle
  • Ball speed
  • Launch angle
  • Spin
  • Quality of shot
  • Spread

One of the design criteria for the Light Speed system was to enable golfer of all ages and abilities to use the system and get accurate feedback and analysis. This has instantly increased the target market for the retailer to custom fit, which can lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and ultimately sales.

With one fantastic club fitting analysis page, the retailer can focus on the customer and give accurate advise on the most suitable club for the customer. As well as the customer having an exciting experience, the customer can understand the instant club comparison visual building the trust with the retailer and reducing any potential objections.

Whether you want to create an indoor theatre or bring a WOW factor to your outdoor venue GPG can help make it a destination.

Key features and benefits:

  • Requires ZERO setup allowing 100% sales/customer focus
  • Reliable, consistent and exciting club fits time and time again
  • Ability to fit golfers of any age, sex and ability
  • Captures primary club head and ball data
  • Helps remove any objections to sale with easy instant club comparison visuals
  • Reduced time per club fit

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