Golf academy / Coaching:

Global Play Golf offer a suite of coaching applications as well as the highly effective Club fitting concept adopted by Europe’s leading retailers. The coaching software allows the academy to offer real club head and ball analysis provided by the Light Speed technology in a highly visual exciting way. The fantastic software, impact analysis and target scoring provide the perfect learning platform for any golfer.

The Light Speed coaching system was designed for golfers of any age and ability allowing even the most novice of golfers to benefit from the technology. Due to the nature of the Light Speed technology which captures over 5 million data samples a second through the complex impact of a golf shot the coaching software is able to provide both the instructor and pupil unparalleled club head information.

With targets set at various distances and scores given for where the ball pitches as well as it’s finishing point pupils benefit from an enjoyable interactive learning process. Coupled with the analysis this helps them to understand not only what the coach is saying but also retain the information through visual learning. Academies can benefit from providing this unique WOW factor by not only increasing their lesson bookings but also benefitting from the other software applications at their disposal, thus gaining extra revenue streams.

Key features and benefits:

  • Uses real club head and ball data (5 million samples/sec)
  • Exciting and interactive increasing pupils learning process
  • Can be used for Gapping
  • Opportunity for extra revenue streams
  • Drives new customers for coaching
  • Enables you to gain a competitive edge in market
  • Suitable for golfers of any age, sex and ability

Analysis Data:

  • Swing path
  • Club head speed
  • Impact position
  • Face angle
  • Ball speed
  • Launch angle
  • Spin
  • Quality of shot
  • Spread

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