Hi Speed Golf365

Global Play Golf is keen to grow the game of golf by providing exciting new applications on an indoor/outdoor golfing platform to allow all levels of golfer to play courses, participate in warm up exercises and enter challenges.

Hi Speed Golf365 is a new concept that uses the Light Speed club head data capture technology which has been used and tested in the club fitting sector with great success. By capturing over 5 million data samples a second at the point of impact and thereafter, GPG are able to gain information about the club head and ball that could never before be captured therefore providing unrivalled feedback on this complex impact scenario.

Two of the key design criteria of Hi Speed Golf365 were to bring a new concept to the industry by introducing a multiplayer entertainment system that can not only be installed in an indoor environment but also positioned out in driving range bays and other outdoor situations. This can enable golf centres, golf clubs bars and hotels to now offer services they were previously unable to. These new revenue streams provide huge business opportunities to companies that already compete in a highly competitive industry, allowing them to provide their customers with a WOW factor and a unique environment to play golf 365 days a year in any weather conditions.

What do I get on the Hi Speed Golf365 system?

GPG supply you with the entire system, from the stance/strike mat to the PC and touch screen. The software that is currently available for this concept is as follows:

  • Hi Speed Golf365 gaming – 12 courses, 1-4 multiplayer mode, driving and approach challenges
  • GPG club fitting software – providing industry leading levels of club fitting to any age and ability golfer
  • Coaching and Academy software – this form of target coaching provides a fantastic visual and analytical feedback platform
  • Challenge mode – Longest drive, Island and Freestyle challenges are all available
  • Practice / Warm up mode – whether it’s a bucket of balls or a pre round warm up you can have instant analysis of each shot.

Key features and benefits

  • Designed for usage by any age and any ability golfer enabling mass market participation
  • Requires Zero set up, just enter card number and start playing
  • Allows venues to take advantage of new revenue streams
  • Provides a fantastic new and exciting facility for members and customers. The venue becomes a destination
  • Allows the venue to offer golfing activities 365 days of the year increasing the amount of time the venue can be open even when there is bad weather and 24 hours a day if required

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