The Light Speed technology behind Global Play Golf’s impact analyser is highly sophisticated, it is in fact the world’s first golf super computer. It has four main components which enable the system to get millions of data samples a second of the club head and ball through the point of impact.

A unique bristle mat

The bristle mat, developed over a number of years comprises  different textures which deliver possibly the most realistic hitting surface in the industry

Strike Mat Processor board

The strike mat processor is specifically designed to capture primary club head data in real time. It comprises more than 200 sensors divided into 4 dual arrays, each with its own processor, all working in parallel to process millions of data samples. This enables the mat to give an unprecedented amount of real club head and ball data. In fact it provides over 5 million data samples / second,  compared to the best camera system which can only capture a few thousand  images / sec. The mat enables the system to provide real swing path angle, club head speed, club face angle and impact position, as well as full club head rotation.


The illuminator, mounted at around 3.1m is tuned to a light frequency which is unaffected by natural and artificial lighting conditions, therefore providing a perfectly consistent light source to the mat. This in turn enables the mat processors to receive both accurate and reliable data samples resulting in more accurate analysis.

Laser Curtain

And finally the Laser Curtain, this is usually mounted in front of the strike mat off to one side. The light curtain pulses at 1¼ million times / second to correlate with the mat processors and provide it with data on; ball speed, launch angle as well as direction.

Due to this new concept in measuring the impact and flight of a golf ball, GPG are able offer systems for both indoor and external environments without having to rely on professionally controlled lighting conditions. Not only that but the physics are unaffected by wind, rain, environmental factors and other golf balls.

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